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Just Breathe: Four weeks in March.

Just Breathe is a four weeks training in March that will help us rediscover our body, breath and mind with Diaphragmatic Breathing.

The Diaphragm is a muscle which can be trained to help us breathe and move better.

In these four weeks we will gradually train the diaphragm with various exercises.

After 30 days of practice there is no looking back. You have created a strong foundation for yourself and it can just get better from there.

To mention a few physical benefits it lowers stress, improves absorption, improves the functioning of internal organs, reshapes the connective tissues along the thoracic spine which opens up the chest, shoulders and lower back and of course it helps to increase lung capacity.

The psychological benefits are improvement in concentration, progressive relaxation, centers our awareness, makes the mind luminous, improves discernment to what we are holding on to and shows us how to let go of held emotions.

Mindful breathing does brings a deep and profound change within.

This will be the focus for March with the online classes.

Practice every morning from Monday to Friday.

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